Dinner Murder Party (2015)

God Hates Games

Game Image

Gather some beer, snacks, and your closest friends for Dinner Murder Party, a remix on Werewolf-Mafia like party games. You play as one of a group of celebrity Dinner Guests gathered at an old mansion located in the Hollywood Hills or as a Murderer hidden in their midst. As a Dinner Guest, you will be tasked with the singular purpose of bringing about the end of the world through evil, Illuminati-like, sacrificial rituals. That is unless the heroes, err the Murderers, kill all the celebrities at the party. But be careful if you’re a murderer because the celebrities will be more than happy to feast on you as the main course. This game is great for seven or more players. An odd number of players is best, although not mandatory. Use the handy table below to figure out which roles you should be using based on the number of players you are playing the game with.

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