Letter Dice (2009)


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1 - 6




45 min

Letter Dice by HABA is a word dice game similar to Letter Dice by Fun and Games and Ad-Lib Crossword Cubes, where players make words to score points. HABA's version is for 1-6 players. It has several play modes: 1. Crosswords: One player rolls all 13 dice and forms words in a crossword puzzle shape. Players agree on the length of the round (between 2-5 minutes) and the number of rounds before the start of the game. Letters used score their point value. Letters used in two words score for both words. Letters not used are subtracted from the score. When a player finishes making words, players can try to make a funny sentence with the words. 2. Letter Yatzi: The first player rolls all 13 dice and tries to form the longest word. Letters which don't fit are rolled again. At least one letter must be put aside each time. Play continues until all letters are used or set aside. Points are scored for the letters used. Unused letters are not counted. If a player uses all 13 letters, the score for the word is doubled. 3. Vocabulary: All players together make one word, with all 13 dice if possible. One player is chosen as the secretary. Players try to make words with the letters of the first word, and the secretary keeps track of them. The winner is the player who can find the last intelligible word.