Mouse Acrobat (2005)


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One of Haba's Mini-Spiels that come in a small tin (similar to an Altoids tin) and contain small wooden pieces. The tin lid is placed on the ball (can be done in two ways - one making the game more challenging than the other). Place the mouse in the center of the lid. Each player gets 6 wedges of cheese. Players take turns pushing a cheese wedge onto the lid. It must be completely on the lid and no wedge can be placed on top of another. If you cause any wedges to fall off, you must take them. If the lid slips off the ball, you must take all the pieces that had been on the lid, reset the tin lid with mouse and then push a wedge on. Whoever is left without cheese first wins. <!-- Entry audited by (nsolitander) (13-08-2009) --!>