A pet for Laura (2005)


Game Image

2 - 4




10 min

Laura received a pet rabbit (named Fluffy) for her birthday ... Upon opening the rabbit cage for the first time her new pet runs under her bed. The goal of the game is to assist Laura in luring her new friend out from under the bed. Play begins with the puzzle turned face down on the table and the rabbit counter on the left most picture on the board. Beginning with the youngest player, the die is thrown. If a Carrot appears, the rabbit counter is moved one space towards the right (towards Laura). If a Candy is rolled a jigsaw piece is turned face up. If the Rabbit is rolled a jigsaw piece is turned face down (assuming a face up piece exists). Play then advances to the next youngest player and continues round robin until either all of the jigsaw pieces are face up (unable to help Laura lure Fluffy out from under the bed) or the Fluffy counter advances to far right most space (Laura).