NSKN Games

Bucharest, Bucuresti Romainia
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NSKN Games, which launched in 2011 with Warriors & Traders, consists of a team of creative people who want to introduce interesting, entertaining, one-of-a-kind strategy board games to the world. Notes the publisher: 'Our games are mostly influenced by a particular historical period or a special event. We strive to have individual graphical design for each of our games, and this is what makes their appearance one-of-a-kind on the market.'

In November 2018, NSKN Games merged with publisher Board&Dice, keeping the "Board&Dice" name for the combined operation.



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Admin Note

NSKN Games was known for a brief time as "NSKN Legendary Games", but this name never appeared on any of its products.

Games from NSKN Games