Foxtrot Games

Dallas, TX USA
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Foxtrot Games is the development studio behind Lanterns: The Harvest Festival, The Fox in the Forest, and other award-winning board and card games. They have co-published many of their games with Renegade Game Studios.

From the company's mission statement:

"Foxtrot Games is committed to providing engaging, interpersonal experiences through beautiful, approachable tabletop games. We seek to bring the joy and togetherness we find in such games to all gamers, both new and experienced. We strive to broaden the minds of players and the gaming industry as a whole through unique themes, new artists and art styles, and all the other details we incorporate into our games. We believe that creativity cannot be rushed and that quality should not be sacrificed, and we are dedicated to building a company where those beliefs always take priority."

The company is majority-owned and operated by Randy Hoyt, along with the ongoing help of game developer John Shulters.


- Foxtrot Games fan

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