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Convention Support

The Indie Game Alliance offers convention support at many large and small shows around the United States and beyond. Please note that not all services will be available at all conventions, and spaces are limited for each event. Prices will be announced on an event-by-event basis. Payment for convention services must be received no later than one month before the show date, and in some cases this deadline may be earlier depending on the payment deadlines set by coordinators for the individual shows.

We provide Minions with convention badge and hotel reimbursement, depending on hours worked. Minions, ask your Miniboss or the Convention Coordinator for details on any particular show.


Game Library

We reserve at least one table and bring a variety of games. These games are arranged on the tables, generally still boxed, and players can choose which game they would like to play. Because of this, there's no guarantee that any one game will get chosen; if you wish to guarantee your game table time, consider a Scheduled Event. The Minion(s) staffing the table will be trained to demo each game on the table. Open demo periods are generally scheduled in two-hour blocks, but are commonly run for six or eight hours consecutively.


Prototype Preview Library

IGA's Prototype Preview Library events work just like the Game Library, but we segregate all prototype games into their own area. We do this to prevent potentially unfinished games from being unfairly compared to production copies they would otherwise share table space with. This also permits players to choose whether they want a bleeding-edge experience or to play a finished product.


Dedicated Events

At a Dedicated Event, we will schedule time to demo or run your game(s) exclusively. This can include a demo period, tournament, contest or learn-to-play event. Your game will be listed as the event in the convention program, where available. (Note: Larger conventions often have deadlines months in advance for program inclusion, so book early!)

Because space in the vendor booth is both limited and expensive, events run in the vendor booth are priced differently than gaming area events. Pricing also differs for peak days vs. off-peak days. Peak days are Friday, Saturday, and holidays such as Labor Day or Memorial Day.

Designers attending the convention may run the events themselves in our booth or demo area if they wish. Events staffed by IGA staff members include a staffing fee of $15 per hour per Minion required.


Convention Sales

At any show where IGA has a vendor booth, we offer retail sales opportunities to our members. You get us stock before the show, and we'll sell it at full MSRP. You get 50% of MSRP, and we handle all the sales tax and fun stuff like that. If we have stock left over, we'll return it to you (at your expense) or add it to the inventory of our wholesale store, where retailers can buy it to stock their shelves. Minions can also redeem their Loot Points for items in our store, adding to the collection of games they can demo at stores and conventions.


Kickstarter Distribution

If you've recently run a Kickstarter or other crowdfunding campaign, many of your backers are likely congregating at larger conventions. If you'd like to save on shipping, we'll hand out your rewards to backers at the show. Just send us the materials and a list of who gets what, and we'll take it from there. After the show, we'll report back to you on who did and did not collect their rewards.


Flyer / Promo Handouts

Flyer and promo item handouts are free at any paid event. Publishers are responsible for shipping to get the materials to the convention site; for small items, shipping to Alliance HQ is also permitted.