Our Volunteer Team: The "Minions"

Want to feed your game addiction? You can earn free games by joining the Indie Game Alliance as a volunteer Minion! Minions play and teach a selection of over 14250 board games, card games, dice games and RPGs from hundreds of IGA-supported designers and publishers.

Simply teach your favorite games in a public place, like your school or library, a weekend convention, or your favorite friendly local game store. File a 30-second report on your mobile device about the game you played, and bam! You've scored some Loot Points to spend in our Reward Store on your choice of new indie games to play and promote. It really is that easy! IGA volunteers can score free convention badges in addition to earning free games when you volunteer with us at major conventions. Our volunteers also gain access to review copies and prototypes of not-yet-released games, giving you the chance to try the latest titles before they've even made it to Kickstarter!

So, what do you say? Are you ready to take your place on the cutting edge of tabletop gaming? Your first batch of new games is even closer than you thought!

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