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It's hard running a global volunteer team, especially if you're trying to do it by yourself. There's all the recruiting, getting the team into conventions, making sure the volunteers have your latest game (even if they live overseas), keeping track of the work they do, and then sending them rewards for their time. With so many independent publishers out there, that's a lot of duplicated effort -- and worse, every minute you spend managing your volunteers is a minute you don't spend designing new games!

That's where IGA comes in. We've recruited over 500 volunteers from all over the world and taught them to run games effectively and professionally. We've built custom software to help make reporting and tracking effortless, so you can get all the data you need in real time without lifting a finger. We handle the training, the logistics, and the rewards. Our team combined to give our members a presence at over 50 conventions worldwide in 2016.

Just $20.00 a Month!

Featured Members:
  • Asmadi Games
  • Blue Orange Games
  • Breaking Games
  • Brotherwise Games
  • Eagle-Gryphon Games
  • Fireside Games
  • Gamelyn Games
  • Greater than Games
  • Level 99 Games
  • Mayday Games
  • Minion Games
  • Portal Games
  • Smirk & Dagger Games
  • Tasty Minstrel Games
  • ... and over 725 more!

So, how does it work?

Easy. From the moment you sign up, any volunteer Minions in our network who already have your games can immediately teach them at their local game store, convention, or any other public place. We build the relationships, book the space, and run the event with no hassle at all for you. When our Minions run your game, you'll get an emailed report telling you what they played, where, with whom, if any sales were made, and any feedback from the players. The Minion can even submit a photo of the event. For every 15 minutes of gameplay a Minion reports, he or she receives one Loot Point. Each Loot Point is equivalent to $1 worth of credit in the IGA Reward Store. Minions spend their Loot Points on games of their choice, and IGA ships them straight to their door.

Benefits of this model include:
You ship games once to our warehouse rather than dozens of expensive, time consuming individual shipments
You never waste a copy of a game on a volunteer who doesn't want it
You never waste a copy of a game on an unproven volunteer who might just have signed up to get free games
Minions are constantly motivated to run more events to earn more games

We've got a great street team. But that's not all.

IGA is a full-service guild that seeks to aid you in every way we can to make your tabletop venture just a little easier. To that end, we offer consulting on Kickstarters, game development feedback and playtesting, a network of vetted freelancers, and a wide array of tools designed to help simplify all the administrative and marketing stuff that goes into your company.

IGA has negotiated member discounts with over 50 industry-leading vendors for IGA Pro members, including ocean freight and worldwide fulfillment services, accessory makers, freelancers, software platforms, and more than 10 game manufacturers. Every partner has a profile where you can quickly check what projects the partner has done and read reviews from fellow IGA members about their performance.

But don't just take our word for it.

Shoot Again Games is thankful for all the support and help we receive as a member of the Indie Game Alliance. Because of IGA, we have been able to have our games shown at conventions all over the country that we otherwise could not have. They have been a great supporter and booster of our games.
Diane Sauer, Shoot Again Games

Such an enjoyable experience working with IGA. Every feedback point is spot on and forces rethinking/potential adjustment of mechanics and/or rules until everything feels just right. Am very happy to be part of IGA - will recommend to my peers.
Jakob Alexander Brahm, Rocket Science Board Games

Matt & IGA provide so much for so little, it's hard to believe everyone in the industry isn't a Pro member yet. We even found and published a game (Gingerdead House) that Matt went out of his way to have me play since he thought it was a good fit.
Frank Alberts, Zafty Games

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