Member Studios and Publishers

The following 850 independent tabletop developers and publishers comprise the Indie Game Alliance. We are proud to work with each of them.

0 Year Games 100% Gaming Studios 2 Silver Denari
25th Century Games 2niverse Games 2TomatoesGames
3one6 Gaming 42 Days 5th Dimension Games
64oz Games 808 Games 9 Kingdoms
A Studio Has No Name Æstari Games Abba Games
Absolute Tabletop Absurdist Productions Acronaut Games
Adam Alderman Design Adventure Scents Afro Comodo
AH Games AirLoom Games Akinji Entertainment, Inc.
Aktion Games Alchimie, Inc. Alcyon Creative
Alienplay Games Alley Cat Games Altema Games
Amalgamated Games Amber Palace Games LLC Ancient Oak Studios
Andrew Haigh Games Andrew Nastse Games Andrew Stackhouse
Anne-Marte Andersen Ant Lab Games Antler Games
Anton's Studio Anvil 8 Games LLC Apocalypse Games
Apocto Games Arcanum Games Arch Nemesis Games
Architecture Combine Argle Bargle Argyle Games
Ariah Studios Arjaygee Games Artax Game Lab
Artemis Games Artsy Fartsy Games Aslan Games
Asmadi Games Assassin Games Atheris Games LLC
ATLewis Games Attack Dice August Games
Avant-Garde Games Avanti Games AveryWerks
Awry Games Axis Mundi Ayatsurare Ningyoukan
B Team Games B&B Games Studio BabylonLabs
BadCatGames Basement Game Boutique Bear Games
Bearded Board Games Begues Games Bellwether Games LLC
Bermooda’s End Berserker Labs GDS Beton Games
Beyond Board Games Bibelot Games Big Kid Games
Bink Ink Biplane Games Birdlight Games
Bitwise Games Black Box Adventures Black Forest Studio
Black Locust Games Black Oak Games Black Shark Enterprises
Black Straw Games BlackBoxGames Blackstone Entertainment, Inc
Blind Ferret Entertainment Blue Fool Games Blue Heron Entertainment LLC
Blue Moose Entertainment Blue Orange Games Blue Penguin Games
Board Games Hate Pini Board Games International Board to Death Boardworks Games Bold Move Games
Bonsai Games Born Weird Productions Bradan's World
Brain Bugg Braine Games Brainstein Games
Branum Games Breaking Games Breaking Teeth Games
Brieger Games Brikenbrak Games Broken Archer
Broken Down Games Broken Mask Games Brotherwise Games
Buckyball Games Butter Knife Concepts Button Shy
Cagox Media Cambium Games Canavan Games
Caper Games CapitanVega Captive Publishing
Card Culture CardLords Cards of Fate
Carebare Entertainment Carpe Omnis Games CarpeGM
Cartography Game Casian Games Castle Productions Studios
Casual Dragon Games Casual Zealot Games Catalyst Games Centrix CGC Games
CGS Unit Challenger Games Chancegamer
Chaos Publishing Chara Games Charactermark Games
Charactermark Limited Charm City Games Cheeky Dingo Entertainment
CheeseViking Games Cherry Picked Games Chevee Dodd, LLC
Chewy Games CHOU! Games Christopher Smith
ChumChi Churchmania Churchs Choice
Claim To Fame Games Clapboard Games Clark Creative
Cleversole Games Cleversoul Games Cloudbreak Games, LLC
ClueJar Cobalt Plasma Games, LLC Code Monkey Games
Codomo Pte Ltd Coffee Cake Gaming, Inc. Cohio Games
Coltgames Comic Monstore Creations Common Decency Unlimited
Company 11 Games Concrete Canoe Games LLC Control Alt Deceit
Cool Nerd Games Copper Frog Games LLC Corefun Studios, LLC
Corvinus Press Corvitis Games Council of Creators
Cow&Duck Studios Cracked Monocle Cravon Studios
Cray Cray Games Crazy Hawk Games Creative Collective
Creative Cove Games Creature Craze! Creepy Tiki Games
Crispy Games Company Critical Failure Game Studios Critical Hit Media
Crooked Columns CrossCut Games, Inc. Crosswinds Gaming
Crown Contender CSE Games CStar Games
Cymons Designs Daily Magic Games Dancing Giant Games
Dangerous Games Dann Kriss Games Danwich Games
Dark Blade Creations Dark Dragon Designs Darkened Sky Studios
Darklight Interactive David Fooden Deck Monster Games, LLC
Decoymunkey Games Delicious Waffle Games Derrick H
Designs By DuBois DevDiem Studios Devious Weasel Games
Devir Games Diamond Dust Dreams, Inc. Dice Roll Games
Diesel Games Dinogami Games Dinomals
diSporta Disruptive, Inc. District 31
Dodeca System Games DOJO Creative Design Dongle Games
DPH Games Inc. Dracos Games Drawlab Entertainment
Dreadful Games Dream Options, Inc. DreamGames
Drunken Dwarf Designs Dude, I'm like, a studio now. Dust Devil Games
Dustin Oakley Games Eagle-Gryphon Games Edutainment Games
Eiger 3970 El Fenix Games Elephant Laboratories
Elliminnopee Elzra Corp. Enhanced Life, Inc.
Epic Lute Solo Epic Scale Games Epic Slant Press
Epic Teddy Games Eric Moyer Games Escape Velocity Games
Escapist Games, LLC Eternal Kings LLC Everglade Games
Everything Epic Ex1st Games Exact Change Games
Existing Game Company Fairway 3 Games, LLC
Fantasmo Games Fantastic Factories Featherman Games
Felix Arts Entertainment NA Fengi Games Ferry Village Games
FGXgames Fillmore Street Games Final Boss
Final Frontier Games Fireside Fantasy Fireside Games
First Fish Games Fisher Heaton Games LLC Fite Games
Five24 Labs FlameStrykeGames Flatout Games
Flatworks Gaming Flavor Faction Studio Flightless Co
Floyd Pretz Flying Leap Games Foam Hammer Games
Focus Game Design Foolish Mortals Football Rivals
Forced Perspective Entertainment Forged by Geeks LLC Formal Ferret Games
Fort Circle Fox Tale Games Foxo
Foxtrot Games Fractured Entertainment Free Tail Publishing
Freeze Dried Games Freshwater Game Company Frozen Soul Games
Funhill Games Future Games Gaia Game Studios
Galactic Dawn Galatune, LLC Galvanized Studios
Gamboni Game Absorber Game Point
Gamelyn Games Gamenomicon Gamer Nation LLC
Gamers of the Great Lakes, LLC Games by a Madman or Two Games By Ray LLC
Games Over Coffee Gamewalker Gameworthy Labs
Gaming Paper, LLC Gangfight Games Garage Games Australia
Garsidian Games Gasp Gasp Entertainment Gate Keeper Games & Dice
Gazuda Media Geek Fever Games Geektropolis
George Street Games GGG Games Ghostly Rituals
Giant Monster Games Gigamic Gilbert E. Games
Gilded Skull Games Ginger Ale Games Girrawaa Games
GJJ Games Go Nerdy LLC Go. Fight. Pow! Games
Gobico God Hates Games Gold Nugget Games
Gold Seal Games Golden Egg Games Good Knight Games
Gorilla Games Gozer Games Graviti Entertainment
Gray Mass Games Great Escape Adventures Great Wight Games, LLC
Great Work Games Greater Than Games, LLC Green Country Gaming Co.
Green Meadow Games Gregarious Mammal Gregisonthego
GREIFERISTO Grenade Punch Games Grey Gnome Games
Griggs Company Grim Fantasy Games Grimterra
Grok Gaming Grublin Games Guardian Moon Games
Gugalicious Games Gut Bustin' Games HABA USA
Hack and Slash Game Company Hacko Games Half-a-Kingdom Games LLC
Happy Harpy Games Harpy Games Haywire Group
Head Honcho Game Healthy Gaming Network Hemisphere Games
Heroes of the Fray Heroic Games, LLC Hex Mex Gaming
HexMex Gaming Hidden Creek Games Hidden Perk
Higher Grounds Publishing Hikari Games HipLein Industries LLC
Hit 'Em With a Shoe HobbyHorse Games, LLC Hogger Logger
Hologrin Studios Holy Castle Design Studio Holy Cheese Games
HomeGrown Games Honest Lawman Games HoopCAT Games
Horn Entertainment Horrible People Productions House of Slack Games
House Rules How Game Are You? Hub Games
Humanoid Games Hungry Minds Study Games Hunker Chunky
Hybridge Games I Love to Play Games I Will Never Grow Up Games
Ichiban Games IDW Games Imp House
iN'sanity Games? Incitement Studio Infectious Play
InfiNate to Elevate Infinite Heart Games Inside the Box
Ironmark Games Isaac Black's Studio It's in Our Nature Games
J.Kloud Entertainment, LLC J&E Innovations Jackbro
Jacksmack Games JAH Studio Jasco Games
Jay Crow Publishing Jebroni Games Jeremy Stoltzfus
Jerry Prochazka Games Jester's Hand Publishing Jet Games Studio
Jetpack Hearts Gaming Jimmy Hudson Jip Philips
JL Games Co. JLS Games Jokercrow
Joy Bucket Games JPS Games Julio E. Nazario
Jumping Turtle Games Justin Dilgard Games Kc Games
Keep Games, LLC Kerberos Productions Kind Fortress
KinSoul Studio Kline Game Studios KO Gaming Productions
LACORSA Games LLC Lagniappe Games Lame Heron
Lamp Light Games Last Minute Panic Games Inc. Late Knight Games LLC
Laughing Lizard Games Lawful Good Games Lay Waste Games
Lazy Wolf Games Leder Games Legionnaire Games
Lesles Studio Lethal Chicken Games Letiman Games
Level 99 Games Light Fun Games Lighthouse Games
Lightplay Literally Wizards Little Grumpus Games
LM Studios Locomotion Games Logic Islands
Logos Games Company Lone Wanderer Entertainment Lords of Alchemy
LoreSmyth Lost Age Games Lost Cartographer
Lost Cog Lost Treasure Games LPR Games
LudiCreations LukeyDuke Games Lunar Games
Lunatic Fridge Lysander Games M&D Games
Maclay’s Games MAD Games Ltd Mad Mitch's Games
Madara LLC Magic Circle Games, LLC MakaMade
Mango Dragon Games Mangrove Games Marino Games
Martin Björkhem Masquerade Games Massif Games
Matt Nguyen Matt Worden Games Maverick Muse Ltd
Max Stat Gaming Maxmuses Mayday Games
Medieval Lords Medieval Man Studios Meldrum Gaming
MidKnight Heroes MidLevelMeeple Mighty Heroes Games
Mike Becnel Games Mike Nudd Mind Bottling Games
Mind S.I. Enertainment Mine Games Minion Games
Mirror Box Games Mixed Company MK Games
Monkey of Doom Games Monster Clash Morningstar Productions
Most Mondays Games Mothership Game Studios, LLC Motto Motto Nihongo
Mountaintop Games Muffin Games LLC Multi-Bit Games, LLC
Mystic Tiger Games, LLC Narrative Obsession Games Narrows Hill
Nate Bivins Nathan Hansen Games Natt förlag
Nauvoo Games Nazca Games Neanderthal Games
Nebula42 NeoN Neon Desert Games, LLC
Netherhavyn Game Works Nevermore Games Nevershine
New Experience Workshop Next Left Studios Nicholas Phillips
Nimex Games Ninja Star Games No Limit Games, Inc.
No Mana Games Noble Quests, LLC Nova Suecia Games
NSKN Games Oat and Noodle Studios Obscure Reference Games
Offcut Games Once Upon A Time Inc. One Day West Games
One Free Elephant One Thousand XP One-Eyed Cat Games
Oniichan Games Oniichan Games Only Table Top ltd
Onygox Games OOMM Games Organization of Strategic Gamers of PHS
Originaliti Media Inc Otherworldly Games, LLC Otravez Games
Outer Limit Games Overrun Studios Overworld Games
Paisley Board Games Pale Blue Studios Pandasaurus Games
Parallax Games Parallel Spiele Parlance Games
Past Go Gaming Paul Guse Games Paw-Warrior Games
PAWS PBJ Games Pencil First Games, LLC
Pendelhaven Perplext PHANG Games
Phantom Knight Games Phantom Nimbus Games Pickle Cat Games
PieceKeeper Games Pierce Design Piggy Bank Games
Pillbox Games PioPioGames Pixxel Wizzard
pl_yteam Plaid Flannel Geek Playmore Entertainment
Podunk Games Polypixelgon Pong Gone Wrong
Poppy Games Poppy Jasper Games Portal Dragon
Portal Games Portals of Pangaea Prettiest Princess Games
Primary Publishing LLC Professoros Games Protean Games
Pround Games Punch-It Entertainment, LLC Pure Fun Games, LLC.
Purple Potato Games Puzzling Pixel Games Quantum Earth Games
Quest for Arete, Inc. RAAM Games Ragnar Brothers
Randomskill Games Raptor Games Rattrap Productions
Ravensdale Publishing, Inc. Reality Cheque Recon Games LLC
RectorSoft Publishing Red Genie Games Red Rook Games
Red Shoe Games Reflective Tree Games Reindeer Games
Renegade Game Studios Restless Entropy Games Ringtail Cafe Productions
Roan Arts LLC Robbie Hunt Robert Burke Games
robindavid Rock Manor Games Rocket Science Board Games
Roll For Surprise Games Rolling Brew Gaming Company Roomiz Games
Royal N. Game Rozz Games RTG Games
Ruckus Games rudy games, GmbH Rukus Games
Runaway Parade Games SafeHaven Games Salamander Games
SaltMesa Games Sam Smith Samurai Sheepdog
Sarcastic Robot Scarecrow School Yard Games
Scion of the Three Kingdoms Scorched Studios Gaming Inc. Scrapyard Armory Games
Screech Dragon Studios Scribeworx Sculpin Games
Secret Formula Games Sentient Cow Games Seraph Games
SeriousPlayful Seventh Son Games Seventh Sphere Publishing
SF Studio SharkeeGames Ltd. Sheep Tree Studios
Shim and D'rothy Products Worldwide LLC Shoebox Games Shoot Again Games
SHP Games Sigil Stone Publishing Simple Design Publishing
Simplicatus Games Sinister Design LLC Sinister Fish Games
Siren Games Sixpence Games Sizigi Studios
Slam Games Slightly Offensive Games Sly Fox Games
Small Cave Games Smart Game Systems Smirk & Dagger Games
Smirk & Laughter Games Smrvl & Co. Smunchy Games
Snipe Hunt Games LLC Snow Dragon Games SolarFlare Games
SombreNote Space Tavern Games Spare Change Games
Spellforge Games Spontaneously Combustible Games Spyglass Games
Squirmy Beast SSE Stay and Play
Steam Kitty Games Stephenson Brothers Games Stexe
Stone Circle Games Strange Machine Games Strategos Games
StrawHat Games LLC Strife Games LLC Studio 9 Games
Studio Woe Stuff By Bez Stygian Fox Publishing
Sue Schroeder Design Sunrise Tornado Game Studio Super Serious Games
Sure Victory Games Swarm of Dice LLC Synergic Games
Syther Gaming TableFlip Games Tableflip Games
Talarius Gaming Talon Strikes Studio Tangled Towers
Taskboy Games Tasty Minstrel Games Tasty Penguin
Tea Time Productions Team Craylo Productions Teresa & Andrew Jackson
Terra Nova Games TGIK Games The City of Games
The Company Bard Games The Game Shelf The Pericles Group, LLC
The Polyhedral Knights The Quick Dealer The Toy Shark
TheoryCraft Gaming Thing 12 Games Think Adventure Games
Thirsty Knight Games This and That Games, LLC THM Games
Thorny Wench Game Studios Thoughtfish GmbH Thunderhead Gaming
Thunderstorm Games Thunderworks Games Tidal Games
Tiger Crab Studios Tightrope Games LLC Times Infinity LLC
Tiny Duck Games Tipsy Pups TMH Games
ToBeGosu Tom & Pete Games Tom & Sam Games, LLC
Tompet Games Toon Hammer Toothy Bight Games
Top Media Studios Top Tier Games Topwise Games
Toron Games, LLC Tortured Earth LLC Toystorian Enterprises
Treesharp Games Tri-Infinity Games Trigger Warning Games
Trusty Lamp Games, LLC TRVLN Games Twilight Game Designs T&J
Twitch Factory Two Brothers Games Two Tailed Tiger
Twoplus Games Ultra Wolf Unbridled Games
UncleUnbated Games Undine Studios Universal Battles
Unlikely Games Urban Island Games, LLC Valorous Games
Van Ryder Games Vatal Entertainment Studio Venture 4th Games
Vesuvius Media Vicarious Games Viewbird Games
Vigour Inc. Vile Genius Games, Inc. Vortex Games & Publishing
VRGames / VR-Soft.Com LLC War of Attrition Wardenclyffe Media
Warding Circle Warm Acre Wasted Life Game Productions
Water Bear Games We Make Games Weird Giraffe Games
Wellspring Games Wendigo Publishing & Consulting, LLC
Western Front Games White Cherry Games White Flag Games
Wholistic Games Wiggity Bang Games, LLC Wild Robot Games
William E. J. Baldwin William Waiwaiole Winsmith Games
WizardSpire Games Wolffdesigna WombatGames
Wood Robot Woodchuck Studio Worldshapers
Wren Games WriterMonkey Games Wyrmhole Gaming
Wyvern Gaming Xiao Xiao Media Yay Games
Yaya Play Games Zafty Games Zagix LLC
Zephyr Workshop   

What Our Members Say About IGA...

"Well worth the investment. I was able to drop about $5000 off of my Kickstarter goal through the discounts that Matt has negotiated for IGA Pro members. Can't say enough good about my experiences with Matt and the other members of the IGA!"

Raymond Northcott, Games By Ray LLC

"The Indie Game Alliance isn't a distribution service, a crowdfunding promoter, or a convention street team. Sure, all of those services are on offer. But the heart of the IGA is a community of independent design studios who share, help and support one another, coupled with a professional staff that's making every part of designing, publishing, and selling games easier and more robust."

Isaac Shalev, Kind Fortress