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Bedford, TX USA
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SolarFlare Games is a game company built to provide fun and entertaining games to people from the hard core gamer to the casual and family gamer. It is the gaming arm of Brave Frontier Studios, LLC.

Dave has worked on designing games and parts of games for more than 20 years.

Games Published by SolarFlare Games:
Thrash-Car (2014)
Dumpster Brawl (2015)
Nightmare Forest : Dead Run Delivered in (2016)
Lords of Rock Delivered in January (2017)
Nightmare Forest: Alien Invasion (2017)
Archmage Origins (2017)

Available online from SolarFlare Games. (follow the link)

In production currently :

Jul 2018 - ROBOTECH: Force of Arms

Oct/Nov 2018 ROBOTECH: Force of Arms - Grand Cannon Expansion (as a free promo pack)

2019 ROBOTECH: Crisis Point

2019 ROBOTECH: The Invid Invasion

2019 QUEST!

2019 Monstrous Horde: A Nightmare Forest Game (tower defense something magical/fantasy based)

(TBD) Darkness Rising: The Conclusion

(TBD) ROBOTECH : Deck Builder

(TBD) Engines of Destruction

(TBD) Combat Wombat

(TBD) The Dungeon Game

(TBD) "Raiders" {current codename}

(TBD) Titan Wars: Coastal Defenders

(TBD) "WTH" {current code name}

(TBD) GroundForces - Dominion

Games from SolarFlare Games