SolarFlare Games

Bedford, TX USA
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SolarFlare Games is a game company built to provide fun and entertaining games to people from the hard core gamer to the casual and family gamer. We are looking to connect people in an analog manner in a digital world. Friends, family, and fun.

Dave has worked on designing games and parts of games for more than 20 years.

Games Published by SolarFlare Games:
Thrash-Car (2014)
Dumpster Brawl (2015)
Nightmare Forest: Dead Run(2016)
Lords of Rock (2017)
Lords of Rock: Mosh Pit (2017)
Nightmare Forest: Alien Invasion (2017)
Nightmare Forest: Udder Terror (2017)
Archmage Origins (2017)
ROBOTECH: Force of Arms (2019)
ROBOTECH: Crisis Point(2019)
ROBOTECH: Invid Invasion 2020)

In production currently :

2021 QUESTS : Heroes of Sorcado

2022 Monstrous Horde: A Nightmare Forest Game

(TBD) Dog Day Afternoon

(TBD) Engines of Destruction

(TBD) Combat Wombat

(TBD) "Raiders" {current codename}

(TBD) "WTH" {current code name}

(TBD) GroundForces - Dominion

Games from SolarFlare Games