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Tampa, FL USA
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Welcome to Blue Fool Games, an independent board game and card game design group. We were created by Michael "Dmitri" Blascoe, who works with his wife and close friends to share his game designs with the general public. Our goal is to create casual games that are: Entertaining, Historically-themed, and Educational (hopefully).

In 2018, we worked with Puzzling Pixel Games to successfully Kickstart our first game, The Abandons (formerly known as Dead Ends). In 2019, the game was delivered to backers and is now available for purchase on Amazon.

All of our games currently range from prototype to first edition, and will be updated as they improve.

Right now, my priority is to get attention, spread the word. I need likes on Facebook, and followers on Twitter. The more attention I get, the sooner I can produce full-quality games, start a Kickstarter, and make this real.

Games from Blue Fool Games