Simplicatus Games

Warszawa, Mazowieckie Poland
Studio Logo

At Simplicatus Games, we work with:
• design and publication of abstract and educational games
• import of tabletop games to Poland and Norway
• export of tabletop games from Poland and Norway
• fulfillment for crowdfunding projects
• online sales of tabletop games
• direct sales of tabletop games to educational institutions

Simplicatus Games is the publishing label for Simplicatus Research and Development (SRD), where we:
• promote understanding of science
• develop educational games, equipment and special installations
• deliver products and services for communicating, teaching and learning natural sciences
• consult on and develop special installations and educational equipment for key customers
• organize professional development seminars for teachers etc.
• manage and participate in educational development projects

SRD was founded in 2000, and has created and managed a number of national and international projects in physics and mathematics education. Our network includes universities, public bodies for education, science centres, teacher organisations, schools etc. in around 15 European countries. SRD has worked with more than 50 scientific authors, pedagogical inventors and game designers, and published more than 30 books/booklets and several board, card and online games in Norwegian, English and other languages for teacher training and K-12 conceptual learning activities in mathematics and physics. We currently have incorporated companies in the following countries:
• Norway - Simplicatus Research and Development AS
• Poland - Simplicatus Research and Development PL Ltd Sp kom

Games from Simplicatus Games