Rudy Games

Linz, Oberoesterreich Austria
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At rudy games we focus on combining classic game elements with the opportunities offered by the modern technologies found in smart devices (smartphone, tablet, TV). Our aim is to build a bridge between these two worlds and create a completely new game experience.

The smart device should complement the classic game elements such as dice, cards, game boards, etc. and be integrated into the flow of the game.

Games, based on such a combination of different game elements, we call COMBINED GAMES.


Reini (Reinhard Kern)
When developing a game we find it important to move away from the well- trodden path and think outside the box. Each element of the game has its own specific function, and the design has to reflect that.

Gerti (Gertrude Kurzmann)
Games bring people together and are a great way of helping to break the ice. They provide fun and entertainment, but are also a gateway to learning and discovery. The games we love accompany us throughout our whole lives.

Mani (Manfred Lamplmair)
Whether in books, films or on the Internet, humankind loves hearing and telling stories. Yet games do a lot more than just tell a story. They allow the players to take part as protagonists, making the stories come alive as a real experience.

Games from Rudy Games