Dead Alive Games LLC

San Francisco, CA USA
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Since 2018, Dead Alive Games has aimed to design and publish high quality games that are inclusive and representative of the diverse gaming community they belong to. Our first game, the award-nominated miniatures game, Omicron Protocol, is an “intra-apocalyptic”, cyberpunk-themed, skirmish board game designed to be fun and accessible for both board and miniatures gamers alike. Alongside that, our second game, Lunar Rush, a simultaneous-play board game that combines time-based resource management, market economics, bidding, and tableau/engine-building into a refreshing new genre, was successfully funded on Kickstarter in October 2022 and will be available late 2023. We are currently working on our next game, Cyber Pet Quest, where players join a group of cybernetically-enhanced pets on an action-packed adventure in search for their owners in the Omicron Protocol world.

If you ever see us at any future conventions, please come by and say hi or play a game with us!

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