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from the company website
Though people tend to think of us as a puzzle company, we like to think of ourselves as so much more. In addition to being a leading supplier of puzzles, games and other products around the world as well as children’s books in Germany, Ravensburger is also a leading provider of jobs in Europe. The blue triangle is one of the most famous trademarks in Germany.

The product range includes about 8,000 different products (including all country-specific items) sold worldwide, 85% of which we make ourselves.

Ravensburger has approximately 1,471 employees and generated consolidated sales of € 311.7 million in 2010. That same year, we broke into the Guinness Book of World Records with our 32,256 piece puzzle, Keith Haring: Double Retrospect. We may be known today around the world as a premier puzzle company, but the Ravensburger name is backed by over a century of experience in the family entertainment and education spheres.


The RAVENSBURGER SPIELE-VERLAG GMBH was founded in the year 1992, so all games before 12/1992 are from the Otto Maier Verlag in Ravensburg. The Games were always known as the "Ravensburger Spiele".

In 2009 Ravensburger created Ravensburger Digital GmbH; the new company is not this entry.

Games from Ravensburger