Civil Dawn Games

Peoria, IL USA
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Civil Dawn Games was created because we wanted to explore new ideas in tabletop gaming and bring to life the stories and concepts we had dreamed about for years. Our belief -- our certainty -- is that tabletop gaming creates deep, meaningful connections with friends and family, and we want to be a part of that with you.

Civil Dawn Games is focused on creating unique experiences, mechanics, and game designs. We aren’t afraid to innovate and we are humble enough to know that not all ideas are created equal. Our hope is that the time we spend crafting the worlds you visit will create memorable, enjoyable experiences that you can share with those around you.

There is no higher praise for a tabletop game than for you to remember it after you leave the table. When you reminisce with friends and family about how you barely survived a terrifying foe, or how you cleverly turned certain defeat into a miraculous victory -- those are the moments we live for as storytellers, game designers, and players. Civil Dawn Games wants to bring more of that to your table. Or carpet. Or computer. Or wherever it is you game.

Wherever you game, game to make life better.

Games from Civil Dawn Games