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Paodle Games is what happens when friends have fun around the game table. One minute everything makes sense, the next someone guesses “Cows in My Pants” when the admittedly poor illustration in question was of an ant. Once the confusion and ensuing laughter subsides enough, one person has to start the what if game. “What if there was a game called Cows in My Pants?”
That is how is was for us. Before the table was cleared, a working set of rules and base game was created. Weeks later, fleshed out game play was met with amazing illustrations and a few written checks later, Paodle Games was born.
Why Paodle Games? What exactly is a Paodle? In the same round of questionable drawings and even more questionable guesses was the hastily sketched answer “poodle” with sad little letter ‘o’ scrawled with an unclosed loop. Why extrapolate a reasonable answer when you can run with a nonsensical response with what you see at face value? (Paodle was a losing answer, by the way.)
The fruits of that loss was the creation of a game company led by families and friends for families and friends. Two school teachers, a serial entrepreneur/author and a former army soldier…yep, an experienced lot. Good news is, we know how to have fun and know fun is even better when you’re all together.
We at Paodle Games welcome you to our game family and hope you have as much fun playing as we have creating.

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