Subsurface Games

St Basile Le Grand, Quebec Canada
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Subsurface is a label used by designer Amanda Vallerand to self-publish their games. The logo and name refer to the amount of depth in games if you look just under the surface. Like an Iceberg, games only show 10% of their size before you start digging: under the surface is an entire world!

Games from Subsurface are:
Affordable: I will not deliver productions that feel cheap, but the games will not be the pre-deluxified version you usually see on Kickstarter;

Rewarding repeated plays: I like games where your first move is evaluating how the set-up differs from previous plays. I like exploring the breadth of options a game has to offer. I like learning strategies, but still being surprised by a game on my 10th play. I design games with that in mind.

Honest and transparent: Have you ever had the urge to take a sharpie and change the player count and game length on the size of a box because of how wrong it is? I hate that. If I write on a box that a game plays 2-4, I swear it's because I would play it at any of those counts. And if I write 20-30 minutes, it's because it's how much it usually plays in, from determining first player to shaking the winner's hand.

Indirectly interactive: Subsurface Games will not offer take that or attacking other players. However, taking, moving, and blocking an opponent from their target come with the territory. I consider how often players cuss at each other a metric of quality.

Games from Subsurface Games