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The Semi-Official Game Company goal is to make games that deliver the same fun, adventures, colorful characters, and lasting memories of the Saturdays of yesteryear.

Growing up there was nothing more enjoyable than the Saturday morning experience. It was a sacred ceremony involving colorful boxes of breakfast cereals, pajamas until noon, and the perfect spot in the room all to view the most important ingredient – the Saturday morning cartoons. Everything was about the worlds these animated shows opened. The back of the cereal box reflected the cartoon fun with colors, large fonts, games, and puzzles. Commercials between shows rotated around taking the cartoon experience home with the wide assortment of related toy lines. Colorful characters cracked jokes, went on adventures, fought dragons, and waged wars for justice and freedom. It was raw colorful energy for the imagination, fueling the remaining week with imagined expanded adventures and the fun that could be had if only the stories were yours to control. It is in honor of this lost tradition that we have created Semi-Official Game Company LLC.

Make Semi-Official Game Company a wholesome addition to your gaming diet. Each game is chock full of rich strategy and delicious fun for a well-balanced gaming experience. With colorful themes, a variety of game flavors, and characters the whole family can enjoy, games by Semi-Official Game Company tickle your funny bone and make your imagination come alive each time you open the box.

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