Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh India
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Pepalworks means ‘ PEPAL TREE’ We create fun, educational games that get people curious and excited about Fun And education. Each game requires varying levels of observation, problem-solving, strategic thinking and chance. We are thinking afresh to bring people together around a table.

From two board games in October 2018 to 2 exciting titles, sold across 150+ outlets in India today, Pepalworks encapsulates the love we have for Education And fun. Our wide range of offerings includes board games, strategy games, puzzles, and card games. Let's face it, teaching children can be difficult. In this age of Social Media, YouTube and Online Gaming, it can be almost impossible to separate kids from their screens. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a way that children could have fun AND learn at the same time? Our team of eight created the Legends Card Game, which teaches children (or teenagers) about history as they play. They’ll learn about history's greatest scientists, artists, and other historical figures, all while focused and engaged in friendly competition. It is our hope that by exposing kids to the greatest people from humanity's past, they may find inspiration. After all, children are our future. Children Learn Best When Having Fun The Legends Card game is the world’s only game which gives your children an in-depth history lesson as they play along. You can play with family, friends or even at school.

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