Weathervane Games

Whitefish, MT USA
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Weathervane Games was founded in January of 2022 by Jeffrey Irving in Whatefish, MT. Its initial game title Vrahode - Age of Prophecy is an exciting story driven adventure/dungeon crawl board game for 1-4 players 12+. While our amazing writing team is US based, our visual arts team includes artists and cartographers from the UK, Italy, Russia, Brazil, Australia, France and the Phillipeans.
Following the initial Vrahode - Age of Prophecy is the massive core box Vrahode - The Calteeryn Ascension and three other expansions in the Vrahode game series: The Enlightened & The Enslaved, Facing The Storm and The False Gods' Deceit.
The series also boasts a proprietary 3D terrain system called Harbinger which allows for dynamic multi-leveled dungeons/cavern complexes. There are four sets in the Harbinger system that are laterally and backward compatible with each of the four games after Age of Prophecy!

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