Loot Points

Become a Minion Now!

Loot Points are the reward points offered to Indie Game Alliance volunteers in return for their time in demoing games, running convention events, and other services. Points can be redeemed for $1 per point in our reward store for games, IGA membership for themselves as a designer/publisher, limited edition swag, and more.

Minions earn a Loot Point per 15 minutes of demo time, with a minimum of 1 per game played (so a 5-minute game still earns the Minion one point). If the Minion is running multiple games at once, he or she will receive credit for each of those games separately.

If you work with one of our convention Alpha Teams at a booth our library, you can simply clock in and receive 12 Loot Points per hour for your time.

Minions must file demo reports to receive their Loot Points.