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Matt Healey
Portsmouth, NH USA

Average Ratings:
Speed: 3.00
Communication: 3.00
Quality: 3.00
Price: 3.00
Overall: 3.00
Ratings: 0

Services Offered:
I design inserts for board games. If you are planning an insert for your KS please reach out to me. Generally it takes a couple of weeks for the insert to be finalized.

Deals and Discounts

I generally do insert design work in exchange for a copy of the game unless the design is particularly challenging and includes a lot on mini sculpts and multiple expansions.

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Work Examples

Game / Project Client / Studio Link
Shiver Me Timbers Shiver Me Timbers
City Builder: Ancient World InsideUp Games
The Original Sherlock Holmes and his Baker Street Irregulars Baskerville Productions
Dollars to Donuts Crafty Games

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