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Modularity Games
Melbourne, Victoria Australia

Average Ratings:
Speed: 3.00
Communication: 3.00
Quality: 3.00
Price: 3.00
Overall: 3.00
Ratings: 0

Services Offered:
Tabletop Playground is the new modern digital tabletop simulator, designed for players and board game creators. Share your games with the world and have more control over how they are accessed!

Deals and Discounts

We'll be offering Steam keys for Tabletop Playground (TP) to IGA members and their teams who are interested in bringing their games to the new tabletop game simulator. We can offer help with getting you started with recreating your game on TP, promoting your games to our community once their added to TP and much more.

We're excited to work closely with indie board game creators and build a platform which works with you and to help bring your games to a wider audience!

How to Claim Your Discount

You can request these free keys for Tabletop Playground through IGA's online request system while logged into your IGA Pro account.

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