Alkemia: Destiny's Recipe (2017)

KinSoul Studio

Game Image

2 - 6




90 min



Alkemia is a resource management item crafting game for 2-6 players where each player leads one of six alchemists through the colorful, hand-drawn world of Alkemia. The first player to create alchemy's ultimate item, the Crest of Creation, using skillful resource gathering and efficient item synthesis will become the next Grand Alchemist. Represented by a variable hex map, players can gather on the Foraging Field for a large array of natural reagents boasting varying properties. Players may also wish to visit Curious Sites such as the 'Tree of Endless Possibilities' to tap into latent powers for assistance on their journey. Along the way players will gather item recipes as well, and will grow closer to unveiling one of the many lost recipes for the Crest of Creation. Featuring many elements that vary with each game play, players can expect a whole new experience for every journey into the land of Alkemia.