The Hackers Guild (2017)

Games By Ray LLC

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2 - 5




90 min



Do you have what it takes to accomplish the impossible? The year is 2020 and the world's governments are still trying to overcome the devastation of the worldwide market crash of 2017. After a number of studies, it was revealed that the core cause of the crash was due to corruption in government and the lack of unity amongst the government leaders. As a result, they are now pushing for a single, worldwide government run by machines. The company providing the machines boasts that 'It's not possible for a machine to become corrupt, and as such, they will always make the best decisions for the fate of mankind.' However, a small number of people see this for what it really is - an attempt to enslave mankind. Known as the Hacker's Guild, these rag tag freedom fighters are branded as criminals, and as such, are living the lives of fugitives from the law. All reasonable attempts to convince the powers that be that they are making a huge mistake have failed. The only option remaining appears to be the destruction of the program from the inside out. There is only one problem: hacking the company's network is said to be impossible. Despite this, more and more of the common people are joining in the cause. Time is running out for the guild as they strive to find someone capable of performing the impossible: hacking the evil company, destroying their machines and saving humanity from slavery Game play In this a cooperative worker placement game, players use a combination of dice and cards to accomplish the following six objectives: 1. Destroy offsite backups 2. Delete design plans for the machines to be used to rule the world and enslave mankind 3. Destroy any existing machines 4. Destroy manufacturing facilities 5. Find proof of the conspiracy 6. Find bank information and donate all available funds to charity All six objectives need to be completed for victory. Players lose as a team if they are unable to complete all 6 in the 15 turns they have been allotted. Players start with one die and 30 seconds to complete hacks, but can purchase upgrades that will max out at 5 dice and 150 seconds. They also can purchase hacking tools that will give them additional help in achieving the needed hacks. Each tool takes a certain amount of space, and the players have a finite amount of room, 4 x 4 to begin with and upgradable to a maximum of 8 x 8, so they will have to choose which tools to use carefully. Random events add another twist to the game play making this a fun game for all ages.