8 Seconds (2016)

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1 - 8




15 min



<b>8 Seconds</b> is a press-your-luck dice and card game for 1-8 players about the action and excitement of bull riding in a rodeo. Roll your dice and match your moves to the moves of the Bulls. But beware the rodeo clowns! There are only two on staff, so if you roll a third Rodeo Clown you’ll have to fill in and you won’t score your Bull!
Components consist of 8 dice, a deck of 28 Bull cards, 30 Foul Tokens, and 8 reference cards.
Dice can have one of five different values on each face: Turn, Buck, Kick, Blank, or Rodeo Clown. Rodeo Clowns are kept, Blanks are rerolled, and everything else can either be kept or rerolled.
There is also a deck of 28 Bull cards. Each Bull requires 3-7 dice to be placed on it. Players must match their dice rolls to the moves indicated on the cards (turns, kicks, and bucks) in order to successfully ride the Bull. At the start of a player's turn they draw three Bull cards and then roll the dice. They can reroll dice as needed, according to the rules, until they either get Bucked Off (have three Rodeo Clowns, or too many Rodeo Clowns to successfully ride a Bull), choose to Dismount, or successfully Ride a Bull. After each roll, including the initial roll, the player must discard one of the their Bull cards before they can reroll. If they successfully ride a Bull before getting Bucked Off they'll get to collect that Bull card and earn the points indicated.
Throughout the game players can also earn Foul Tokens that let them reroll Rodeo Clown dice, gain extra Bulls to attempt, reroll without discarding a Bull, or earn extra points at the end of the game.
The game goes until one player has successfully ridden three Bulls, and then everyone else gets a final turn. The winner is the player with the most points in Bulls and Foul Tokens.
<b>The Riders - Mini Expansion</b> - The Riders is a mini expansion for 8 Seconds that adds a bit of variety by giving each player special abilities. At the beginning of the game each player will get to take on the role of a character. Throughout the game players can use their characters' special abilities to affect their turns and drive their strategies. The Riders includes 20 different characters.
<b>Golden Buckle - Mini Expansion</b> - The Golden Buckle mini expansion adds 12 Golden Buckle cards that require all eight dice to earn. At the beginning of each game four Golden Buckles are laid out. If any player successfully completes a Golden Buckle they may acquire it for various rewards, from extra points to special Foul Token bonuses, without counting toward the three Bull end of game trigger.
More information: <a href="http://georgejaros.com/8sec" target="_Blank">http://georgejaros.com/8sec</a>

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