Argle Bargle (2017)

Argle Bargle

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2 - 8




30 min



Description from the publisher: 'The game where you insult your friends' Each player is dealt 10 cards and 5 lives. The object of the game is to use your cards to create hilarious insults that score damage points that remove the 'lives' from your opponents. The last player left with lives wins. Each card has two words are phrases on it and an associated point value with each one. Play proceeds clockwise starting with the player left of the dealer. Each turn the player can either play an insult on anyone at the table OR exchange any amount of cards from their hand for new cards. An insult is 4 or more cards that when read aloud, form a complete sentence that insults another player. Example: YOUR JACKED, BUCK-TOOTHED GRANDFATHER LIKES TO SPOON WITH A NEUROTIC, TINY CHICKEN! The player lays down the cards that forms their insult, points to a player they are insulting, and reads the sentence aloud. You imply the punctuation with how you speak the sentence. So say it like you mean it! You then total the points on the read side of each card in the insult (upper right corner). If this total is 5 or more, the insulted player loses 1 life. If the total is 10 or more, the insulted player loses 2 lives If the total is 15 or more, the insulted player loses 3 lives, AND the insulting player takes one of the lost lives and adds it to their own lives. There are 'Reversal' and 'Redirect' cards that the insulted player can play to deflect an insult. The insulting player can play a 'BOOM' card at the end of their insult to make it unreversable and unredirectable. Argle Bargle is a casual game, but it takes more than luck to best your opponents. It requires creativity and strategy. There are no dirty or offensive words in this version.