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West Columbia, SC USA
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Husband to an amazing wife, father to 3 beautiful girls, lover of movies, and board game enthusiasts.

Toby's Top 5 Games to Demo

Dice Throne: Season One (Roxley Games) - 9 demos
Remnants (Fireside Games) - 4 demos
Downforce (Portal Games) - 3 demos
Blue Lagoon (Blue Orange Games) - 3 demos
Sleepy Castle (HABA USA) - 2 demos

Toby's IGA Game Certifications

Toby's IGA Game Collection

Animal Upon Animal (HABA USA)
Architects of the West Kingdom (Renegade Game Studios)
Blue Lagoon (Blue Orange Games)
Bohnanza (Gigamic)
Clank! In! Space! (Renegade Game Studios)
Clank! In! Space! Apocalypse! (Renegade Game Studios)
Clank! In! Space! Code Red (Renegade Game Studios)
Compounded (Greater Than Games, LLC)
Compounded: Chemical Chaos (Greater Than Games, LLC)
Compounded: Geiger Expansion (Greater Than Games, LLC)
Compounded: Methamphetamine (Greater Than Games, LLC)
Dice Throne: Season One (Roxley Games)
Dice Throne: Season Two – Cursed Pirate v. Artificier (Roxley Games)
Dice Throne: Season Two – Gunslinger v. Samurai (Roxley Games)
Dice Throne: Season Two – Tactician v. Huntress (Roxley Games)
Dice Throne: Season Two – Vampire Lord v. Seraph (Roxley Games)
Downforce (Portal Games)
Dr. Eureka (Blue Orange Games)
Drache Donnerzahn: Die Feuerkristalle (HABA USA)
Dragon Rapid Fire (HABA USA)
Duelosaur Island (Pandasaurus Games)
Expancity (Breaking Games)
Explorers of the North Sea (Renegade Game Studios)
Fire Dragons (HABA USA)
Funkelschatz (HABA USA)
Gizmos (Portal Games)
Harbour (Tasty Minstrel Games)
Hive (Gigamic)
Imperial Settlers (Portal Games)
Imperial Settlers: 3 Is a Magic Number (Portal Games)
Imperial Settlers: Atlanteans (Portal Games)
Imperial Settlers: Aztecs (Portal Games)
Imperial Settlers: Storage Tiles (Portal Games)
Imperial Settlers: The Dice Tower Inn (Portal Games)
Imperial Settlers: The Watchers Guild (Portal Games)
Istanbul: Mocha & Baksheesh (Portal Games)
Karuba (HABA USA)
Karuba: Das Kartenspiel (HABA USA)
Karuba: The Volcano (HABA USA)
Kingdomino (Blue Orange Games)
Kingdomino: Age of Giants (Blue Orange Games)
Mint Delivery (Five24 Labs)
Mint Works (Five24 Labs)
Nevermore (Smirk & Dagger Games)
Orchard (HABA USA)
Orléans (Tasty Minstrel Games)
Orléans: Handel & Intrige (Tasty Minstrel Games)
Orléans: Invasion (Tasty Minstrel Games)
Prinzessin Mina: Juwelen-Memo (HABA USA)
Queendomino (Blue Orange Games)
Quests of Valeria (Daily Magic Games)
Raiders of the North Sea (Renegade Game Studios)
Raiders of the North Sea: Fields of Fame (Renegade Game Studios)
Raiders of the North Sea: Hall of Heroes (Renegade Game Studios)
Remnants (Fireside Games)
Rhino Hero (HABA USA)
Roll for the Galaxy (Gigamic)
Scoville (Tasty Minstrel Games)
Sleepy Castle (HABA USA)
Specter Ops (Nazca Games)
Specters of Nevermore (Smirk & Dagger Games)
Sprawlopolis (Button Shy)
Star Trek Panic (Fireside Games)
Sweet Mess (Big Kid Games)
The Game: Are you ready to play The Game? (IDW Games)
The Manhattan Project (Minion Games)
The Manhattan Project: Energy Empire (Minion Games)
The Manhattan Project: Energy Empire - Missile Crisis (Minion Games)
The Manhattan Project: Energy Empire – Mexico (Minion Games)
The Manhattan Project: Nations Expansion (Minion Games)
The Manhattan Project: Second Stage (Minion Games)
The North Sea Runesaga (Renegade Game Studios)
The Oracle of Delphi (Tasty Minstrel Games)
Tiny Epic Galaxies (Gamelyn Games)
Tiny Epic Galaxies: Beyond the Black (Gamelyn Games)
Tiny Epic Galaxies: Satellites & Super Weapons Mini Expansion (Gamelyn Games)
Tiny Epic Quest (Gamelyn Games)
Trajan (Gigamic)
Trajan (Renegade Game Studios)
Unicorn Glitterluck: A Party for Rosalie (HABA USA)
VivaJava: The Coffee Game: The Dice Game (Greater Than Games, LLC)
Wonderland (Renegade Game Studios)

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